4147 Zanette Place

<h4>4147 Zanette Pl

Welcome to four-season luxury living in the heart of Prince George, British Columbia. With visually stunning lots starting at $125,000, you're invited to partner with us on an exciting, unique and perfectly located subdivision.

We are extraordinarily proud of the future potential this subdivision has in store and positive impact it will have on the community. Southern sun exposure, magnificent river views, high quality gravel soils, close proximity to downtown and being situated next door to the Edgewood Terrace Elementary School are some of the many impressive characteristics of the Nechako View Subdivision.

We take pride in the various builders and individuals who decide to join us on this subdivision development journey, as it allows them to craft their own housing masterpieces, in accordance to a quality building scheme, in a highly sought-after residential paradise on the Nechako River.

In addition, we are taking an innovate approach to ensure all of our subdivisions builders and partners are highlighted and showcased in our large-scale strategic integrated marketing activities, running in correlation throughout the entire Nechako View Subdivision

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4101 Brink Place, Prince George, BC

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